Why NSpire Network?

I was so inspired when I saw the demonstration first hand live… and then completed my own research about the subject. Every day countless women are being diagnosed with some form of cancer. Children are being born with autism and no one has said where it has come from or why? but is this true? Does the medical establishment and others have an idea where it could be coming from? As a man I don’t need to wear a sanitary napkin or tampon to understand the issue. I have daughters and I have sisters. Two have died from a major disease way before their time. As a business owner of a hair salon I know how important image is for many women and joining up with the NSpire Network became a movement I could link up with after I experienced the demonstration live. Not able to see it live? Here’s the link to the corporate video Watch this and be NSpired.

How could this be true… these products in america are made of trash? recycled trash by products? bleached trash and plastic? approved by the FDA? YES! ladies this could be true. Think… Tylenol… Bottled water plastics… and today nearly every commercial is about a drug the FDA approved that are now lethal and can cause serious side effects.

No We No Dwayne Distribution

As for business, I was looking for a product I could market on Instagram (Paid2post247) and a product with a mission attached to it. I heard a statistic that was talk about after reading an article about Mrs. Powell of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Women in the US spend over $250,000  on just face products alone over a 20 to 30 year period. Nspire Network is positioned in this market and aside from the movement many women can make money from home. Yes you can share travel, cookies, cosmetics, send cards, weight loss and so many other items but today this is a first to market concept. There will be others coming into the market but right now NSpire is first and you can take advantage of this like I am. Need more information? Fill out this cool form and I will personally get back to you.          I believe the NSpire Network will be one of the fastest growing networks in many years.  I hope you decide to join the movement and share #NoWeNo   Click here to learn 


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