Most Distributors don’t make money?

True or False? Depends on where you get your facts from. The national average of income earners in a networking marketing company is based upon how many distributors they recruit or have join their team coupled with the volume of sales. The sad fact is most people don’t share their programs and they tend to not sell much of anything. So why do they join? Well if you joined a company before what was the biggest problem? 

cherish-dwayne ross distribution

Exposing people to your Nspire Network company was the biggest fear of most people. They didn’t know how to share the business. Nspire network has a 3 step process and you never really need to physically speak to anyone if you choose not to. With the advent of social media… you can post share and like your way to new recruits. Send a text of the video… then wait for a texted response or voicemail. It’s going to be one of two things… Interesting or no thanks right now. I say not now only because people are busy and take opportunities for granted. Text, Respond, Invite to a live event. That’s all. So if you can send a text, share and get paid2post,  or even send 100 emails… you can gain the attention of someone and maybe they will connect further.  “27 people has quickly grown to 3000…”  What are you waiting for? Go get Paid2Post today. 

What if all you had to do was share this link?  Paid2Post


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